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Crime Scene Investigators are also called CSIforensic technicians or Criminal profilers.

Becoming a Crime Scene Investigator is one of the most financially rewarding careers because of the increased rate of crimes being committed these days.

Duties of Crime Scene Investigators , CSI

  • Surveying a crime scene
  • Collecting evidence from crime scene
  • Analyzing the evidence for criminal convictions

Most of these folks are experienced Police personnels and private investigators.

Below is a detail instruction on how to become a crime scene investigator

  •  Know The Duties of Forensic Scientists

Also called Forensic Scientists, their duties is to inspect the crime scene sampling for evidence to test on. To know more about their duties, you might want to visit job boards and search for related jobs to see what their job functions entails.

Once you educate yourself about this, the next thing is acquire the necessary training.

  • Educate Yourself

The best way to become a crime scene investigator is to enrol in 4-year criminal justice program. While some criminology related jobs only requires High school diploma, the best way to be competitive is to take a degree program in criminal justice.

Visit your local school and talk to their admission reps on to learn best way on how to become a crime scene investigator

  • Get Ready For Crime Scene Investigator Position

By doing an internship at your local police dept, you will gain a hands-on experience through surveying crime scene and many other job related functions.

Forensic technician job function includes the following

  1. Surveying crime scenes
  2. Collecting evidence
  3. Analyzing the evidence in a lab

All these hand-on experience is what you will get during your internship which best prepare you for the job.

  •  Apply For a Crime Scene Investigator Job

Now that you have acquired the necessary skills and training required in this career choice, the next thing to do is to apply for the available positions.

Be ready to sell yourself in your interview, tell them your hands-on internship experience and the skills you have that qualifies you for the job.

Frequently Asked Questions on How To Become A Crime Scene Investigator

  •  Crime Scene Investigator Salary

The average salary of a CSI’s is $58,750

  • how to become a crime scene investigator in canada

To become a crime scene investigator in Canada, the above instructions applies to you also

  • how to become a forensic scientist

To become a forensic scientist , the above information applies to you also.

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