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Becoming a movie star is not as easy as many people thought it to be.

However there are easy guidelines to follow if you want to know how to become a movie star

When aspiring to become a movie star, other popular questions that often come to mind includes

  • How to become a movie star as a kid
  • How to become a movie star agent
  • How to become a movie star in sim 3
  • How to be an actor
  • How to become an actor

With the above being said, becoming a movie star is definitely not an overnight achievement.

It’s a life-time career choice and like many careers today, you’ve got to be

  1. Talented
  2. Train and acquire the necessary acting skills

Explained below are the top 10 ways on how to become a movie star

  • Get Set Early:

Getting involved in various acting activities in your school, your community, your religion organization (your church or others) that will afford you stage opportunity will prepare you for this rewarding career.

  • Take Acting As A Career:

Since your ultimate plan is to become a movie star, getting trained professionally will be the best option for you. You can start by taking acting lessons in accredited schools or by taking a Performing art/ acting degree program.

  •  Go For The Best

If you really want to be a classic actor, you should opt for the best drama and performing arts programs in accredited universities which are available in the following schools

  1. Carnegie Mellon website: www.cmu.edu/cfa/drama
  2. New York University website: www.nyu.edu
  3. North Carolina School of Arts website: ncarts.edu
  4. The Julliard School website: www.julliard.edu
  5. Northwestern University website: www.northwestern.edu

If you are in Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, you should inquire from major schools in your area for the most popular university offering acting, performing arts/drama programs and apply for it.

  • Attend Acting Auditions

It’s important you attend auditions for school and low-budget films.

In this situation, you should keep in mind that the rejection rate is high but if you persevere, you will surely make it. Visit www.auditions.net to explore upcoming auditions

  •  Be A Part Of The Movement

Become a part of Screen Actors Guild , a major labor union / organization from where major movies source their talents. Visit www.SAG.org to learn more

  • Get An Agent

You may want to relocate to popular cities like Toronto, Los Angeles, New York and get yourself an agent.

Getting an agent if you’re not part of Screen Actors Guild is a bit on the tough side, so for now, get a manager until you land a role.

  • Be wise in choosing your films

The most important point to keep in mind in this how to become a movie star guide is that you’ve got to be careful in choosing or accepting a role since it’s impossible to predict a hit.

It’s by careful selection that you move on the ladder quickly.

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