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If your genuine interest is in helping the community becoming the best and in governance, then this how to become a politician guide will lead you in the right direction.

Below are the top 7 steps for making your dream of becoming a politician come true.

  • Get Your Political Degree

An undergraduate in political science or related field will give you an edge during the time of election.

You can kick start your political career by enrolling in a Political Science degree program at your local university.

  • Take Active Position in Your Community

Be an active voice in your community, ensure you participate in town hall meetings and be an active contributor or inquirer. Challenge the politicians but do not insult them remember what goes around comes around.

Another option is to volunteer for your community boards. Ensure you be a part of your preferred political party.

  • Know Your Jurisdiction Requirements

Every jurisdiction has its own requirements for those who wish to run for elected office. Depending upon the office you wish to hold, go to your local City Hall, state capital, or county offices and request a list of written requirements for becoming a politician there. You may also discover that you need to have a petition with a certain number of constituents’ signatures in order to get your name on the next election ballot. This is the time to get started in getting those names down so that you can take pride in seeing your name on the ballot when the next election rolls around

  • Begin Small

When you’re starting, do not run for governorship or Presidential positions.

Since you’re still recognized as a local champion at this stage, develop your influence in your society first.

  • Build Your Election Campaign

Now that you have decided on which political position you are running for, ask for support from friends and family members.

Create a facebook page of fans and twitter page of followers.

Get your local youth involved in your campaign.

Print brochures that has your photo and a bit of your background(make this inspirational to your potential voters).

Engage family and friends to distribute your flyers by knocking on doors and asking potential voters to support you on election day.

  •  Accept The Outcome of the Election

The final step on how to become a politician is to never give up whether you lose or win.

You can never become a politician if you give up on your first or second or third attempt.

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