How To Become An Air Hostess: Becoming A Flight Attendant / Cabin Crew

How to become an air hostess is the most frequently asked question today for aspiring air hostess.

Air Hostess otherwise called Flight Attendants or Cabin crew are lovely people whose main function is to cater to the need of everyone on the air plane.

Becoming an air hostess can be a very rewarding career path for people that are adventurous, friendly, caring and best of all great people skills.

As an air hostess, your job is to first of all follow the captains instructions and pass it properly to the people onboard the aircraft.

Requirements To Becoming An Air Hostess

Another important job of an air hostess is hospitality. You’ve got to be caring and hospitable.

  • Friendliness is so essential
  • Sensitivity to others need
  • Attention to details: You got to be the first to pick up if you see any strange movement on board the aircraft.

How To Become an Air Attendant / Air Hostess

  • To become an air hostess, you’ve got to train

Make sure you find an FAA approved Air hostess training program by contacting your national and intl airlines.

The best place to start is your local community colleges or universities.

You will undergo training in these fields namely;

  1. Customer service and relations
  2. Emergency safety procedures
  3. Emergency medical care
  • ¬†Get Your Certifications by passing the required exams
  • Start looking for jobs by contacting hiring airlines

During the hiring period, ensure you specify your preferred work location if you have any.

Popular companies that hires air hostesses includes;

Virgin, British Airways, Air Canada, Delta Airlines, Arik Air, etc.

In Canada, Air hostesses are popularly called Flight Attendants while in other countries like UK, they’re called Cabin Crew